Friday, January 11, 2008


Push. Pull. Tug. Twist. Pinch. Punch.
(yeah and starbucks tells me 25th Jan is people Power day! Thought i'd pass that info on!)
Yeah so anyway...where was I?
hmm yeah...
Push. Pull. Tug. Twist. Pinch. Punch.
Your in.
Ever heard of ‘sardines in a can’?! Well it takes on a new meaning for me every time I enter the 8.59am fast local.
Yes it’s evident by now…I am a Bombayite! The title is thrust upon me by a city that knows no better than to thrust. (tsk tsk…your mind is almost as filthy as the city's gutters!)
If you are standing…you are in the way. If you are sitting…you are in the way. If you are walking…well guess what…you’re still in the way! If you are running you just might make it.

I’m lucky I work at a graphic design studio. Yeah we aren’t almost half as caught up dress codes as other offices. So if my clothes get a beating (sorry ironing!) in the train…I can very well masquerade around the studio, as a style icon, flaunting my latest ‘artsy’ ensemble! Eat your heart out prisoners of the corporate dress code (read as my housemates!) For those of you who don't know...umm...they work for a bank! Ok so I am sleeping on the couch today...or whenever it is that they read this blog.
Now that I have come to terms with that fact...
honestly, I love the city. It gave me the opportunity to step into it (however tough it is to find a footstep of space!) It gave me the place I call my studio. Go in each day…pretend its work…when I am actually getting paid to do what I love…day after day after day. Bombay is the only city in the world that holds no pretence. It gives you exactly what you take from it! It’s unpredictable. It will mirror your mood…moment for moment. Eg:- your angry and hostile…well guess what…someone on the sidewalk will hit against you and bustle away!
You’re happeeee…a construction site workers kid on the corner smiles right back at you.
You’re late for work…yup the local trains are running late too…and yeah the taxi guy won’t budge either. Why? He has no space to move. His taxi. Its called a traffic jam!
But b.b.y I sure love!!



It hits most of us...almost as consistently as the regular monotony that defines it.

m followed by m ...after m...tells me i'm bored enough to start a blog. So happy i am!

The few things in life that contribute to busting my boredummm...

1. the option of shuffle on my winamp! monotony is often broken by this kind and obliging application. thank you developer!

2. getting mugged on the sidewalk...n then managing to chase the bloke to get ...sorry PRY my phone back!

3. switching on the faucet and realizing a few water soaked moments later... that it was set to shower mode!

4. the taxi...2 cars ahead of you... in bumper to bumper traffic...going up in flames...hows that for spontaneous combustion??!!

5. unforseen speedbreakers when you are doing your most practiced front of the cafeteria...

6. ...ummm time to get back to some more of these later...? ouch my back hurts...bananrama hmph!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

mission admission!

Yup. Its that time of year...when from kindergarten aspirants to MBA wannabes ... everyone is flocking to get forms...fill them up..some (the former) with more help than the others (latter)!!!
hey hey...lets just back up a bit...I might be getting things a little wrong here...coz it has been my observation that the little kiddies in bloomers are taking about as much help for admissions as are post graduate candidates!
Being a writer myself, I am constantly approached by young students wanting me to compose essays cooking up narrations of their 'dreams', 'leadership experiences' and more!! Now if a 5 year old needed help with an admission form I can mostly comprehend that...them being the kinds who can't really even do much about their untied shoelaces without a hand and a half! But a 20 year old or worse a 25 year old with work experience...looking for a coveted harvard seat...incapable of putting down 250 words on why he wants to go there in the first there I am stumped!
Why do I complain...I do get paid for it anyway?!