Tuesday, June 10, 2008

‘Anty’ Climax

Yeah ants. What is it about them…you know the whole march-in-a straight line deal??
Come on…I know you have all been jobless enough some day or the other when you have been twiddling your jobless thumbs checking them out…wondering where they were going…what they were doing…which leg goes after which….ok ok maybe not THAT jobless but still …you get my point.
Now if you have looked at them closely enough (without having the twiddling thumbs distract you), you might have noticed the way they have themselves beamed right into the ant in front’s ass. Now if you’re not getting that visual conjured up clearly enough in your little heads …here’s a supporting visual…

Yeah …beam me in Scottie…right into your ass. They seem to use their antennae for that!
The way they’re sticking in line…its as if they have rules…but come on…why do they stay in line???? They can go ANYWHERE they like!! Anywhere!

Not like us…Andheri local ke ticket ke liye kripya katar mein rahein!
McDonald’s I’m-trying-to-be-so-helpful-an- happy Waiter: Madam, I’ll take your order but please get in queue.

I mean they don’t even have driving lanes and lane discipline like us humans…they can go ANYWHERE they want. But they keep going in line…single file!
Maybe they think about it sometimes…maybe they commune…talk about it…

and then yet just cant muster up the courage to go on without sniffing at the next one’s ass…so they are right back at it. In line!
Ant1 (also winner of the debate) saying to Ant 2: "Trust me we're gonna need the numbers when the ant eater shows up!"

It annoys me sometimes you know. Like maybe just once….just once I would like to see one brave crazy, irrational one go…”Hey, chuck this, I’m going THAT way!” and then scurry right off in some random other direction…on its own!

N then this happens to it…
Which is when its probably thinking …”oh crap…if only I had stayed in line!”