Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yes. I’m laughing…and How!!! Now I know you have gotten used to my writing funny stuff but today I’m just not in the mood. Although I AM laughing! I was on the internet today…as is often the case ;-) and I noticed someone I know, an Indian, living and working abroad with a status message saying “saare jahaan se acha…hindustan humara!” And I said to myself…hahahaha!!

If that’s really the case then why the hell are they not in India?! (not to mention they have made all of Zero visits home since they left 3-4 years ago) It’s the first road out for so many…and it’s an airplane to out-of-India!

The saddest part is the parents of most kids telling them how there’s better opportunity abroad, “beta wahan par aap Pizza Hut mein waiter ka kaam kar sakte ho pocket money ke liye…aur log kutch nahi bolenge! Yahan to society kya kahegi na…!” “but mom, the economy is booming here…I wanna live in India and do something for my country!” “but beta, wahan par you can do something for yourself…dollar kehten hain usko!” And there gets filled another airplane load of our countries talent sent off to make money for foreigners.

Now let’s take a look at what they are doing there. Well for starters they are forming Indian cultural groups that get together and sing Hindi songs, eat Indian food, and watch Hindi films. And might I add all substandard compared to what we get in the REAL India

So here’s to the real India

That has…

Real food (no matter its effect on bmi…)

Real competition (from a really young age…n that’s why we work so hard and do so well that so many foreign companies want to hire us in the first place!!)

Real smiles

Real pride

Real attitude

So when all those ‘patriotic’ parrots that took flight to greener lands have to return to India…we know who will have the last laugh…. India-ahahaha!!