Thursday, July 3, 2008


So they have the helmet rule quite strict and to-be followed in Chennai now. But it got me thinking…so the rule is meant ONLY for the rider. There is no such rule for the pillion.

So let’s just look at that for a minute. The pillion and the rider are on the same bike. Traveling at the same speed!! You would think that they’re both at equal risk if they were challenged by gravity! But no the people who made the rule probably thought “oh but the rider is always ahead of the pillion…so he is obviously going faster …duh u dumb blog writer…the pillion is never at that speed….he’s always behind!! Naah! He doesn’t need a helmet!!”

But human beings are essentially dumb. I mean you have to admit. Look at the helmet again for example. The purpose of the helmet is after all to protect our skulls. So you would think we would be smart enough to just stop doing whatever it was that we did to potentially crack our skulls. But noooooo…what do we do…we go and invent the helmet…and go right back to our old skull cracking ways!

Then of course there is the matter of undermining our intellect. Which I’m not surprised by, considering the above mentioned 2 stories. So getting right back to undermining our intellect…lets pick up a bottle of shampoo and think about it. Now the instructions on the label…are they undermining our intellect or what!!?? Who …I mean WHO needs instruction son a shampoo bottle….and even if they did…I really don’t think shampooing their hair would be one of their top priorities anyway!

(And now I seem to be doing the same to you...what with the supporting visual of shampoo and you don't know what it looks like!! But what the heck...i liked the picture...the yellow brings a certain 'sunnyness' to me page :-) )

Ok back to the bottle...Don't miss the toll free dial number they have to go with the instructions…like we would get all confused and would need to call customer care for assistance! “so the water goes on before AND after??? Oh my gosh …I thought we didn’t need water at all…!!”

Then there are of course the airport announcements… “Do not leave your baggage unattended.” Oh darn am I really not supposed to do that!!! Just when I thought I’d leave my laptop bag and suitcases in the middle of the airport and go for a nice refreshing stroll!!

(and a supporting visual yet again...just to help u conjure up that image :-) )

Then of course there is the 'fool proof' method that the security check guys use. They ASK you…”are you carrying any sharp objects?” Now they obviously think this method of cross questioning and lie detection is definitely more accurate than their x-ray gadgetry the airports have provided them with to check!! So they make you stand there and ASK you. “Are you carrying any liquid items” Like I have alllll the time in the world to first go through ‘twenty questions’ and then the X-ray…I might just leave my bags unattended if you make me do all that!