Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a little give(gifts) n take! ;-)

Gifts. Such a waste of time. I mean unless it’s For you or from you that is?! :-)
I mean who are we kidding…really?! Now imagine standing around while people around you are giving or receiving them…or worse --- Both! Well, there’s perspective of a really annoyed Christmas tree for you right there now isn’t it?!

Ok by now those of you who haven’t quite figured out that this blog is about nothing in particular and everything in specific…well for one – you’re slowwwww :-) and 2 you’re still reading?!
Hmm now where were we…ohh yes gifts. So now if there’s one such thing such as a wrong gift this one must top the list! The other day I saw this old lady in the park…had a walker…with wheels on it…and brakes! A walker for an old lady…with…Brakes!

Now call me crazy…but I really have a hunch that some doctor got the diagnosis wrong on that particular case…I mean really…if she needs brakes on her walker…!!? So she sees me looking at her …ok ok I was staring…so I was staring at her…ok maybe I was gob-smacked, jaw- dropped –down- till –the- pavement staring at her …and as though she read my mind…she shrugs n says ‘gifted’ ! Well if you ask me…there’s someone after her last will and testament I’d say…brakes and wheels on a walker!

now the way i see it the best gift in the world begins with a 'D' and ends with 'iamonds' ;-)

nothing a little dazzle can't cheer up!


humbl devil said...

so did u say yes???

Rajat Patnayak said...

Nothing a lil' dazzle cant cheer up!

Somehow, somewhere I couldnt help but agree with you.

BIG Omi said...

hello 28 and successfulll! How are you? I hope you got those Diamonds???